Living with Arthritis

Over 50 million adults in the US have been diagnosed with a form of arthritis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That‘s around one in every five adults. If you’re one of them, quality care and lifestyle practices are important for minimizing symptoms, such as chronic pain, and lowering your risk for complications, like fractures and deformity. 

Our team of experts at Northland Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides cutting edge diagnostic technology to diagnose and treat the many forms of arthritis.

Arthritis diagnosis

The first step in living well with arthritis is getting properly diagnosed. This process starts with an exam, during which your doctor will talk with you about your symptoms and perform a physical exam to assess any swelling or loss of motion in your joints. They may also order blood tests and X-rays to confirm the kind of arthritis you have. 

Types of arthritis include:

Arthritis treatment

Arthritis treatment aims to reduce and help you better manage your symptoms, such as chronic pain, swelling, stiffness, and inflammation affecting one or more joints. Your provider at Northland Orthopedics & Sports Medicine will create a customized treatment plan, which may include: 

Arthritis-friendly lifestyle steps

Your lifestyle habits can be as important as your medical treatment in terms of managing arthritis, both in reducing your symptoms and enhancing your quality of life. Your provider will help by recommending specific steps, based on factors such as your overall health and the severity of your symptoms.

Helpful arthritis-friendly lifestyle habits include:

You may also find particular tools useful as you go about your daily life. If buttons and laces are difficult to use because of hand or wrist arthritis, for example, consider apparel with velcro instead. Assistive devices, such as a cane or walker, handrails, and door handles in place of knobs, can also help a great deal. Meanwhile, consider replacing manual appliances like traditional can openers with electric alternatives.

Seeking help is not a weakness, but a strength, when you have arthritis. To learn more or get started with the care you need, call Northland Orthopedic & Sports Medicine or request an appointment on our website. 

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